Empowering businesses to securely embrace the app-centric world.

As more cloud apps are introduced into the workplace, businesses can lose oversight of how their information is being used. AppGuru is designed to help IT professionals gain insight into the apps being used and manage them, so they can embrace, secure and take control of this new reality.

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The cloud app adoption lifecycle

AppGuru allows IT to discover cloud apps coming into the business, strategically analyze the value and risks they pose to the workplace, and provision the best for widespread use. With this new visibility, IT can become a valuable partner to employees and the business by empowering productivity while mitigating the inherent data loss and compliance risks associated with cloud apps.

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The control that makes you a guru

AppGuru brings all of your employee- and company-introduced cloud apps together into one centralized point of control. This not only makes your life as an IT professional much easier, but it also allows you to make strategic decisions on what apps to provision and what permissions to extend to keep your business productive and secure. Now, with just a single console, you can have ongoing monitoring of all the cloud app activity on your network, turn on and off essential cloud apps for your users, and manage policies across all your apps in a few simple steps.